Design Minor

I earned an Interdisciplinary Design Minor from the College of Design at the University of Minnesota. The goals of the minor were to understand the interdisciplinary nature of the design process, gain appreciation of the role design plays in everyday life, experience design thinking in action, explore and expand design interests, and better understand how to work with designers in a chosen field.

When taking on the designer role, I have focused mainly on graphic design, specifically exploring the use of color, typography, and illustration. I am comfortable using Adobe Creative Suite including Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

I have additionally created some lighthearted designs on Society6.


Magazine Layout

I used InDesign to create my own magazine cover and two-page spread based on HGTV Magazine. I aimed to emulate its voice, look, and feel through the use of color, typography, and white space.


Postage Stamps

I used Illustrator to design a series of 5 commemorative postage stamps that were intended to celebrate Minnesota’s North Shore heritage, lifestyle, and beauty. I did this through the use of color, illustration, and well-known landmarks. The typeface was used to mimmick the “North Shore Scenic Highway” road signs.


Travel Brochure

I used InDesign to create a travel brochure for the city of Asheville, North Carolina. First, I studied the city’s offerings and defined the target audience as adult couples, ages 40-55, without kids (empty-nesters), who love low intensity travel, relaxation, wine, and craft beer. I then chose the colors, typefaces, and photos based on this audience.


Film Poster

I designed this poster in Illustrator for the movie Sans Soleil. I chose the colors to represent a sunset. The design is very type-heavy because of the written and storytelling nature of the story.

Newest Draft 4



This was created in a digital strategy class. It visualizes the Google Analytics website data from the client, Matador Beef Jerky. I created it in InDesign and used colors, type, and shapes that kept true to the company’s branding.

Matador Infographic



I’m a big fan of gifs. I just couldn’t help myself and “improved” these shots of my brother and myself with the help of Photoshop.

I created these as a Social Media & PR Intern for Student Advertising Summit with photos from the happy hour photo booth.