Though I had dreamed of a Student Unions & Activities Snapchat account since my hiring in Sept. 2014, the account finally came to life in March 2015. It debuted, first, as a means to announce the Spring Jam™ artist line up, but quickly grew to more. Though I helped create many SUA Snapchat stories, I focused primarily on a way to interject retail marketing and coupons into it. The following are the coupon stories I created.

Teaser Story

This was to prepare students for the introduction of coupons. We didn’t want Snapchat to seem any less fun or get too overtly promotional, so we tried to ease them into it.


Debut Coupon Story

This is how we presented the coupon. Students needed to screenshot the coupon and show the screenshot image to the Gopher Express and Goldy’s Gameroom employees when checking out.


The coupon received 1781 views and 457 screenshots for a 25.7% engagement rate.

Soy Sauce Fish Promotional Story

Gopher Express, one of the Student Unions & Activities convenience stores, had just gotten these fun soy sauce fish. We decided to promote them on Snapchat, and this is the story I created.

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Spring Jam™ Fountain Drink Coupon

During the University of Minnesota’s Spring Jam™ celebration, we created a Free Medium Fountain Drink coupon collaboration with University Dining Services. It was a Snapchat-exclusive coupon.